Monthly Archives: December 2019

This is why smart displays run Ubuntu Core

First impressions count, and making sure your users can see and interact with your product in a seamless way, means selecting the right smart display technology. Read on to find out what hardware features are needed to make a reliable smart display, and why smart displays run Ubuntu Core. Medical imaging to smart displays: There’s… Read More »

Design and Web team summary – 20 December 2019

This is the final iteration of the year. The team has worked exceptionally hard to produce a number of new projects and initiatives. Here is a shortlist of highlights from the team in 2019: JAAS dashboard, proof of concept – a new view of Juju for people that have a lot of Juju to list… Read More »

ROS-Industrial – Canonical

ROS-Industrial was way better than I expected it to be. As a first time ROS-Industrial attendee and only a second-time ROS-anything. I’m not sure what my expectations were. But it was really good. A great event, some great speakers, new friends and cool robots. What more could you want? This blog will not cover every… Read More »