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his website’s goal is to host various tools that interact with the kernel on Linux systems. Currently, only module-init-tools package is hosted. If you’ve got a project that you’d like to host here, please contact Jon Masters.


The module-init-tools (m-i-t) package provides many of the utilities needed by Linux systems for managing loadable Linux Kernel Modules. This includes depmod, insmod, rmmod, modprobe and tools like modinfo. You usually won’t have to build and install this package for yourself because it’s part of every major Linux distribution.


Latest Releases

  • The latest full release is module-init-tools-3.6.
  • The current development version is: module-init-tools-3.7 (available via git).

You can download previous releases or consult your distribution for their own (often patched) sources.

Reporting Bugs/Feature Requests

Please file a bug at under module-init-tools. If you’re maintaining a Linux distribution and already use your own bugzilla, please mail jcm with a link to your own bugzilla and I’ll try to pull in upstream-relevant bugs from time to time (or you could send me them too).


Day to day development is tracked using a public GIT repository, which is available here:


To create a local copy of this repository on your own development machine, you would type the following commands:

git clone git://

Please send all patches to Jon Masters directly. You can also send me a link to your own module-init-tools GIT repo and I will pull directly. Rusty Russell no longer maintains module-init-tools, though he kindly forwards patches from time to time.

You may also want to check ExternalTrees page, which has a listing of external development GIT trees.

Mailing List

here is now a module-init-tools mailing list called mit-devel.

Wish List

There is a module-init-tools wishlist where you can list those features that you’d like to see in module-init-tools.

About this wiki

This website is run by Jon Masters.

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