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Btrfs on CentOS: Living with Loopback

Introduction The btrfs filesystem has taunted the Linux community for years, offering a stunning array of features and capability, but never earning universal acclaim. Btrfs is perhaps more deserving of patience, as its promised capabilities dwarf all peers, earning it vocal proponents with great influence. Still, none can argue that btrfs is unfinished, many features… Read More »

Dell Ubuntu, Lenovo Fedora, and Slimbook Elementary OS

This year good news coming one after another. Everything starts with Fedora announcing Fedora on Lenovo ThinkPad laptops, then Ubuntu announcing Dell XPS Focal Fossa, and now elementary OS announcing both Slimbook and Pine64 PineBook laptops. Now everybody globally can find Ubuntu, Fedora, and elementary OS preloaded on branded laptops and PCs. This means GNU/Linux… Read More »

How To Use AQEMU Virtual Machine on Ubuntu

We are fortunate to have a good virtual machine tool AQEMU on GNU/Linux operating systems. With AQEMU on your Ubuntu computer, you can virtualize any operating systems very easily. It can replace and works similarly to the proprietary tool VirtualBox or VMWare step by step as you can see in this tutorial. Now let’s learn… Read More »

My Lenovo ThinkPad and Ubuntu

Senior author, Open Source enthusiast. Wednesday, October 14, 2020 at 22:55 At Saturday 10 October 2020 finally I purchased Lenovo ThinkPad that I wanted for a long time. It replaces my old laptops Asus and Acer which are already unusable for all my works especially here at Ubuntu Buzz. Now I have a decent computer… Read More »

Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) and Digital Signatures

If you have sent any plaintext confidential emails to someone (most likely you did), have you ever questioned yourself about the mail being tampered with or read by anyone during transit? If not, you should! Any unencrypted email is like a postcard. It can be seen by anyone (crackers/security hackers, corporations, governments, or anyone with the… Read More »

How To Install Ubuntu With ‘D Drive’-like Data Partition

Senior author, Open Source enthusiast. Monday, October 12, 2020 at 22:18 Actually it is very easy to install Ubuntu alike operating systems with data storage partitions similar to Drive D: to mimic tradition of Windows computers. What you need to do is just install Ubuntu like usual but create one additional large partition without attaching… Read More »

Fix Failed To Fetch When Updating Trisquel Flidas

Senior author, Open Source enthusiast. Saturday, October 10, 2020 at 12:13 You may find you cannot update your Trisquel 8 computer. In my case, the issue is after about one year have not been used, today I run my Trisquel and I am unable to get more applications. For such issue, In most cases, the… Read More »